Experiences with Wilderness Energy Electric Bicycle Kit56 BL36 and BD36



My first purchase was a BL36.I liked the performance but not being able to start from low speed proved to be a problem when turning going up hill. It was not very durable and motor died after 6 months with less than 1000 miles of riding. I believe it has been discontinued. Neither Weíre Electrified or Wilderness Energy were very responsive to questions and queries.


My second purchase was a BD36. The spokes had not been prepped so the spokes came loose with less than a 100 miles of riding and had to prepped and tightened. Two of the spokes broke with less than 1000 miles of riding. As their ads suggest battery life is shorter than for BD36. I commute 10 miles round trip when I am pressed for time or tired and donít want to take regular bicycle. I pedal the whole time and typically run around 15 mph. Battery is quite weak by the time I get home and performs better if I charge battery at work before going home. If I need to go any distance I take two batteries. Be careful as I broke my bicycle rack doing this.


The rack that comes with the kit did not fit a standard mountain bike. The best rack I have had to date, which fits well with my Orlieb packs, is the Tubus logo .http://www.thetouringstore.com/TUBUS/Logo/LOGO%20PAGE.htm

Its strong and you can hook your packs on lower bar and put battery on top. Best lights I have had Turbo Cats. http://www.turbocatusa.com/home.html

Great product and great service.


If you need to take motor apart, take out screws and pry off side.Itís difficult and you may need to scratch off paint.


I tried a NMH battery from Battery Place advertised for BD36. It was lighter weight but range was unacceptable. It was D batteries wired together requiring three different chargers.The chargers wires were too thin and shorted out with a few months of use. Otherwise I have had good luck with Battery Place and they are very helpful if you contact them. I noticed that Wilderness Energy has stopped listing NMH batteries as available.


The key in the controller is not a very good design. Mine has been known to come out when key is in off and when in on. I have tied a string through mine and tied to the bicycle rack.


I have ridden my BD36 just over 1000.Its great fun, cuts my commute time in halfand so far has been more durable than BL36.


Here is a link to another riders experience with BD36.




Suggestions for design improvement. Design motor so it can be disengaged if you want to only pedal, such as when you battery has gone dead or if you want to pedal to work and use motor to go home. Right now motor creates lots of resistance


Happy Trails!


Last updated 1/27/08