Dahl Energy Demand Database


This energy demand database is a work in progress. It is being developed and maintained by:

Professor Carol A. Dahl

Mineral and Energy Economics

Colorado School of Mines

Golden, CO 80401 USA


Please send comments, corrections, and additions to cadahl@mines.edu

If referencing please do so by database name: e.g.

Dahl, Carol A. (2010) "DEDD-G2010.xls," in Dahl Energy Demand Database, http://dahl.mines.edu/courses/dahl/dedd, Mineral and Energy Economics Program, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO.


Dahl Energy Demand Elasticity Database Bibliography: DEDD-Bib2011.doc (Condensed Versions in Progress)

Demand Elasticity Database Definitions: DEDD-Defn.doc (Work in Progress)

Files to accompany: Dahl, Carol A. (2012) "Measuring Global Gasoline and Diesel Price and Income Elasticities," Energy Policy, Special Issue on Transport Modelling. 41 (February), 2-13, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2010.11.055.

Database Gasoline: DEDD-G2010.xls


Database Diesel: DEDD-D2010.xls


Gasoline and Diesel: DEDD-G&D2010.doc


Files to accompany: Ajanovic, Amela, Carol Dahl, and Lee Schipper (2012) "Modelling Transport (Energy) Demand and Policies -- An Introduction," Energy Policy, Special Issue on Transport Modelling, iii-xiv. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2011.12.033.


Database Miles/Meters Travelled: DEDD-M2011.xls

Database Distance Per Fuel Consumed: DEDD-Mpq2011.xls

Files to accompany: Dahl, Carol A. (2011) "A Global Survey of Electricity Demand" presented at the 34th IAEE International Conference: Institutions, Efficiency and Evolving Energy Technologies, June 19-23, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

Database Electricity: DEDD-El.xls


Other Papers

Dahl, Carol A. 2006. "What Do We Know about Gasoline Demand Elasticities?" Mineral Economics Program, Colorado School of Mines, Working Paper, November. http://dahl.mines.edu/courses/dahl/dedd/dahl_g06.pdf

Database Bibliography


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