Probability and Statistics Self Test

Probability and statistics are powerful tools for dealing with uncertainty and a semester of probability and statistics is a prerequisite for graduate program in Mineral and Energy Economics. The following self test will help you evaluate how well you remember probability and statistics. It is base on the following reference, which you can see for more practice problems.

Reference:Spiegel, Murray R. Schaum's Outline Series Theory and Problems of Probability and Statistics published by

There is one self test for each chapter. Click on the selected chapter to bring up its self test and click on the answer you believe is correct to see the correct answer. Let me knows if you find mistakes or broken links in these tests.


Spiegel Chapter 1

Spiegel Chapter 2

Spiegel Chapter 3

Spiegel Chapter 4

Spiegel Chapter 5

Spiegel Chapter 6

Spiegel Chapter 7

Spiegel Chapter 8

Spiegel Chapter 9

Powerpoint presentations that go with each chapter are as follows. See me for video presentations of each of these powerpoint presentations. Let me know if you find any mistakes or typos in the presentations.